Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dorjee Khandu - India-Tech Foundation's 5th Hydro Power Convention,

Tawang: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu Sunday said the state government would cancel the hydro power projects of those private developers who do not complete them well in time.

Khandu also asserted that he would give away those cancelled projects to public sector undertakings or even to other private players.

These projects have power generation capacity of over 77 per cent of the total capacity addition under execution in the state.

Addressing India-Tech Foundation's 5th Hydro Power Convention, Khandu said, "The state government has entered into agreements with private players to develop 29,660 MW electricity generation capacity against 8,735 MW to be developed by the public sector."

The major hydel projects with private developers in the state include Reliance Energy (six projects totaling 4,220 MW), Athena Energy Venture (three projects totaling 3,665 MW), Mountain Fall India (three projects totaling 3,300 MW) and Jaiprakash Associates (two projects totalling 3,200 MW) and KSK Electricity Financing India (three projects totaling 2,750 MW).

Pointing out the issue of employment, Khandu said, "private as well as public sector developers are required to provide employment to localites in accordance with the New Hydro Power Policy 2008, but many of them are not doing so."

"The developers should provide employment to local boys, which is very necessary for the growth of the state's economy," he said in the presence of Minister of State for Power Bharat Sinh Solanki, who reiterated the same in his address.

Stressing the need to harness hydro power potential in the country, Solanki said, "There should be a mix of 40:60 per cent for hydro and thermal power, but at present just 23.6 per cent of installed generation capacity in the country comes from this renewable source of energy."

"The world is facing the brunt of climate change through various carbon generating thermal plants and industries and during such state of concern, harnessing the vast hydro power potential to meet power shortage in the country and the world is the need of the hour," Solanki added.

Arunachal Pradesh has hydro power potential of over 57,000 MW.

The two-day Convention was attended by over 250 delegates from across the country. India-Tech Foundation is a 12-year old industry body, which facilitates growth of power and infrastructure sectors in the country.

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