Friday, 6 May 2011

ADAG - SWAN telecom

New Delhi: An ICICI Bank manager has indicated a possible link between ADAG Group chief Anil Ambani and Swan Telecom in the 2G scam case.Indicating a possible link, the ICICI Bank manager has told the Central Bureau on Investigation (CBI) that Anil Ambani and his wife Tina Ambani were the authorised signatories for payments above Rs 10 crore.Seven ADAG companies are now under CBI investigation for their links to the 2G scam-linked Swan Telecom. This, despite Anil Ambani saying that he had no links with Swan. All these seven companies have accounts in ICICI Bank and the concerned ICICI Bank manager said all the companies transferred significant money in 2006-07, including at least Rs 107 crore to Swan Telecom. As per the testimony, bank documents show that only Ambani or Tina were authorised to do this.

CBI sources have told that they had confronted Anil Ambani with this statement during questioning at the CBI Headquarters.

CBI sources also said that arrested Reliance executives Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara undertook all actions vis-a-vis Swan under directions from Gautam Doshi. The three senior executives of Reliance Telecom have been named accused and their bail plea was rejected by the trial court.

Sources, however, confirmed that Anil Ambani denied knowledge of this fact and that there is no evidence so far to charge Anil Ambani.

ADAG sources also clarified by saying that, being an authorised signatory doesn't necessarily imply that Anil or Tina Ambani did sign any of the cheques. The sources also said that the CBI chargesheet doesn't include Anil Ambani's name.

Also according to sources Anil or Tina Ambani didn't sign any of the cheques in relation to operations of Swan Telecom.

Source - indiaeveryday

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